Products & Services

DPI Specializes in producing consistently high quality Hotmelt thermoplastic conforming to Australia Specification AS4049.2/AS4049.4
and we can produce to any other specifications required by customers.

The general characteristics of DPI Hotmelt Thermoplastic are:

• Excellent long term durability.

• Good day & night visibility.

• Environmentally safe including the plastic bag which can be melted with the material.

• 100% solids, non-toxic, solvent free, (zero VOC)

• Exceptional heat stability, colour brilliance.

• High Skid resistance or as required.

• Rapid, drying time, roads are opened for traffic within minutes after application.

• Good flow properly.

The backbones of Hotmelt Thermoplastic are basically Hydrocarbon resin or Alkyd resin. Special aliphatic hydrocarbon resin is petroleum based and alkyd resin is derived from a high quality agriculture resin being modified with chemicals. Good quality resins give stable & high quality durable hotmelt products if formulated properly.

The preference use of one over the other is dependent on end use. Products based on alkyd resins tend to be harder and is impervious to the effect of oil & grease and being renewable these are other advantages, compared with hydrocarbon which depend on non-renewable petroleum derivatives.

The other raw materials being aggregates, pigments, glass spheres and modifying resins are carefully selected to give a final product with the required skid resistance, high & durable whiteness, high retro-reflectivity and suitable to the end use. DPI products are formulated to meet the guidelines of the Australian Specification Hotmelt Thermoplastic AS4049.2 and any other specifications required. In addition, products for other climatic conditions are available.

The products we offer in white & colours are:

The product is normally used for long edge lines, lane lines. Application is with a truck mounted spray system. Application temperature is 190-210°C to obtain good end result. Application rate could be as high as 10-12Km. /hour.


This is another method of marking edge lines and lane lines with a truck mounted machine or trailer transported unit. Extrusion is also known as ribbon line as the thick thermoplastic is extruded at about 180-200°C through a shoe with set width and thickness required.


Profile or audio tactile thermoplastic is a traffic marking system which provides extra safety awareness to road users. The lines give enhance visual & audio effect to warn weary drivers who stray out of the road parameters.


DPI supplies screed in both Hydrocarbon & Alkyd. It is applied with manually operated equipment.
Screed thermoplastic is normally use for transverse lines, pedestrian crossing, symbols, car parks and small jobs. Application temperature is 180-200°C.


DPI supplies preform shapes and letters to suite almost any requirement. It is applied with manually operated equipment. .


- Glass Beads: Type B (drop-on), Type C (intermix), and Type D (large beads) with coated and uncoated form.
- Traffic Cones: 700mm & 450mm cones with or without reflective band are available. Material is 100% new fluorescent red/orange PVC.