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Profile or audio tactile thermoplastic is a traffic marking system which provides extra safety awareness to road users. The lines give enhance visual and audio effect to warn weary drivers who stray out of the road parameters. It is widely used in highways and in road ‘black spot’ areas to mark lane lines, and edge lines.

The 10±2mm high raised ribs/ profiles of the lines protrude out of the water film on rainy nights providing good retroreflectivity / visibility from a distance, whereas normal line markings even with the biggest glass beads will be submerged under a layer of water.

DPI Profile Thermoplastic is specially formulated to apply at 180-200°C by truck mounted application equipment. The equipment can be electronically set to apply the ribs at set heights. Normal specification calls for a base line thickness of less than 2mm and profile height of 10±2mm from substrate. Drop-on glass beads is applied immediately onto the profile line to provide Retro-Reflectivity.